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Booking Terms & Conditions

  • 1. We agree that payment of the deposit confirms our booking for our photography.

  • 2. We confirm that we have received a quote and we agree to make the payments required as per contract.

  • 3. The wedding album must be collected within four months of the album plan date. Any outstanding amounts must be paid in full.

  • 4. We agree that in the event of cancellation, payment fees are forfeited and not refundable, unless of a date change that is accepted by ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE.

  • 5. We understand that we have complete personal/non-commercial use of the images.

  • 6. We here by assign copyright to all photographs taken by ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE to ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE.

  • 7. We give our permission for the studio to use any photograph taken by the studio in competitions, exhibitions, editorials, reproduction and other promotional and advertising purposes.

  • 8. The studio will take every care but liability of the studio or it’s photographers in the event of a non-supply of images discussed or displayed, it is limited to retake of photos or a refund in part of monies paid at the discretion of the studio.

  • 9. We agree to advise the hire cars, caterers, make up artists, hairdressers of the day’s schedule.

  • 10. We agree to advise the studio in writing of any changes to any details of the shoot day.

  • 11. We understand that the second payment must be paid and received prior to any photography event.

  • 12. We understand that if the nominated photographer isn’t available, the studio will provide another photographer & notify us of the change.

  • 13. We accept the responsibility to confirm and check our details with the studio two weeks prior to the photo shoot.

  • 14. The photography coverage will conclude at the time stated on the contract.

  • 15. We understand that relatives and friends must be advised to not interrupt the photographer or attempt to capture similar images ”over the photographers shoulder” as this could affect the performance of the photography shoot.

  • 16. ICON PHOTOGRAPHY MELBOURNE is the sole professional photographer appointed for this photo shoot.

  • 17. We understand that the files will be released at the completion of the total job.